Providing a network of services with the aim of encouraging development, improvement, perfection, knowledge and skills in culinary through art, travel and communication.

Gastronomy is key to a progressive society, which is sustainable and sensitive to the future impact on the social & cultural environment.

Le Maītre

Born in Triest, Italian – Croatian origins, I grew up in many family run gastronomic environments. I hold a Degree in Master of Art of Weaving and Printing. Through gastronomy, the fundamental core of my experiences, I continuously travelled within Europe from 1999 with the aim to research and explore never-ending tastes and flavors of life.



Explore your passions through:
Learning routes, starting from the country of origin, from its agricultural origins and its agricultural systems, environmental characteristics of the production facilities, up to industrial changes involving the products, without excluding economic notions and communication related to food consumption and specific distribution.

Tour program :


period in September and/or November.
Five-day stay in the heart of Sicily, at the foot of Mount Etna in the Bronte area. The study days are divided into the following topics: Pistachio of Bronte, almonds, figs and prickly figs, olives. Included is bed and breakfast, guided tasting tours, a full study program for six / eight hours of daily learning, workshops.

Let yourself be inspired through:
Studying trendy design in different local and gastronomic spaces, explore their unique products, their innovative display, and a distinguished service quality.

Tour in program:


“Wave Coffee” every Monday, a visit to various coffee bars and roasting cafés, including a tasting workshop.
“Dreamfeed” every Thursday, a full tasting menu through different gastronomic activities.

The service is considered a learning experience, mainly focused on all passionate & gastronomists or professionals, or for those who want to deepen their knowledge, or draw inspirations from new spaces aimed at their work activities. Small businesses or regional farms are preferred, with the aim of promoting the development of relations and exchanges between them. Included guide in english as deferment to mixed groups.

A minimum of 3 to 5 participants is required in order for the tour to go ahead.

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GASTÈR NOMÌA ABC (from the greek „Stomach/Womb“ and „Rule“)

Multilingual educational activities IT/SP/FR/EN>DE<IT/SP/FR/EN, to shape your ability.


Pitch yourself

Approach to foreign language
through gastronomy.
Depth study of your own skills,
curriculum implementation.



Sensory analysis.
Product study // presentation knowledge of products.



Cooking techniques
Mix & drinks techniques
Service techniques

There are no upcoming courses at this time.



Professional and creative solutions, geared towards the achievement of its own goals/targets. The activity focuses on all gastronomists or professionals who wish to start a business.

Through direct communication, we propose the following services:

Observation & project analysis > The collection of information targeted to the identification and definition of the actual needs.

Assisting business plan implementation > Detailed preparation and drafting of the document itself, to represent the qualitative aspects that characterize the company and the  project, along with the quantitative aspects through which the economic and financial analysis is an assessment of the impact that the project will have on the existing corporate structure.

Study/Design/ Space´s edification > Research, design, redevelopment, and renovation of architectural buildings to create unique and timeless spaces.

Translations > Effective & professional text translations with culturally sensitive linguistic adaptations.

Marketing and Communication > Finding the right market environment to support business decisions through knowledge of the product, the target audience, and sales channels.

Graphic Design > Graphics, brand and corporate image, design logos, stand design, corporate Image creation, web design & developing static and dynamic sites, sites self manageable on wordpress platform, e-commerce sites, customizing business pages on social media marketing, copywriting, SEO and web design & placement print brochures, catalogues, flyers, business cards, menus.

Assistance Start up > Formulation of strategic and optimal plans in key areas of management and work organization. Start up support through organization of creative events.

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Support and/or organization of your event, with skilled and creative professionals to make your experience unique and original.
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The service is targeted to anyone who needs support in the organization of events with up to 150 people.

 Help in finding the venue Catering Music Decoration Graphic Design Photo Videomaking Stylist and make up

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Monthly meetings through invitation, organized by Gaw with the following functional points:

  • Networking
  • Updates
  • Discussions
  • Presentations

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An online information tour that combines curiosity, news and interests in the art of gastronomy.


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